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Colonization continues to uphold the institutions and structures upon which Canadian society relies on; this can be seen in our medical, educational and prison systems that continue to be influenced or ruled by the Crown. For centuries, colonial interference and attempted genocide of indigenous peoples in North America has led to the death and suffering of many. There is much work to be done as The Truth and Reconciliation Report was released in 2015 and only 13 of the 94 calls to action have been taken.


It's been an honour to work alongside several First Nation communities on Vancouver Island and the coast of BC; I consider First Peoples to be sacred knowledge keepers and stewards to the land. In order to heal our relationship to one another and the earth, we must unlearn so much of our conditioning and reconnect to the knowledge that we are all inextricably linked and have the ability to care for one another and be cared for. In Nuu-Chah-Nulth language they say “Hishuk - ish - tsawalk”, everything is one; we are all connected.

I hold deep respect for the people I work with and endeavour to bring reconciliation and decolonization to the heart of my work.

Health Coverage

I am registered with the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) as a registered clinical counsellor. Reach out to me, I'll gather some information from you and you may have full coverage provided for our sessions.

My Experience

I have worked with several First Nation communities in BC as a counsellor to children, youth and adults for five years. I am so grateful and humbled to work alongside First Peoples and understand I have much more to learn as we walk alongside one another. I have completed the San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training course online.

Cultural Referrals

I strive to create a holistic and culturally inclusive environment in my sessions, but if you do not feel comfortable with my approach I am happy to discuss referring you to others who may feel more culturally appropriate. There are many ways to heal.

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