Having counselling services from Arianna was extremely rewarding and impactful for me. Working with her I felt safe, welcomed, and able to share my story. She thoughtfully challenged the outlooks I had that were restricting a healthier and happier relationship with myself. With her guidance I was able to rethink some of the negative ideas and emotions I had held for a long time and it changed my perspective in a way I wouldn’t have been able to alone. I feel I have better tools for dealing with grief, stress, and challenging relationships moving forward. I really liked that Arianna respected my privacy. She explicitly told me she would not seek outside information on an event I mentioned and would focus on my telling of my story. I would recommend her services to anyone.
Arianna has a very kind and gentle presence. With her help, I have been able to survive and heal from some of the most difficult times of my life. She has helped me to understand and reconcile competing parts of myself. I feel more able to cope with the things that previously overwhelmed me.
I have been seeing Arianna for a few months now and have found her to be a very attentive and active listener. As a result she offers excellent counsel and thoughtful suggestions, as well as asking well thought out questions that help me to look deeper at my thought processes and conclusions. I have recommended Arianna to friends and family and will continue to see her.
About 2 years ago my life became ruled by anxiety. For someone who used to be confident, strong and decisive, I became someone who was weak and needed constant reassurance from friends and family over just about everything. When I decided that I wanted my life back from the anxiety and ocd that was ruling it, I found Arianna. Right from the start I found Arianna very easy to talk to. She was able to listen, and put some of the family and relationship problems that I was having into great perspective. I was finding that even in the days in which I was not in a session, I was able to take her insight and apply it when my anxious thoughts or OCD tendencies would come up. Arianna’s support helped me to begin my battle in overcoming thoughts and fears that were prohibiting me from enjoying my life. So far she has taught me skills that have helped me to cope, and also communicate to those important to me. Her help has not only put me back on the path to the confident person I once used to be, but has also helped me to become stronger as a person. Additionally, her guidance has made me be able to develop rich and respectful relationships in my life. I am very grateful that I found this empowerment in a counsellor, and could not imagine where I would be today if I did not find Arianna. I highly recommend her services to anybody who needs any type of support in their lives, and could not be more grateful for the support I have received!
I am very happy to have had the caring expertise of Arianna to guide me in my quest to put the past behind and move forward into NOW. She guided me through the ups and downs of what I was experiencing and was able to take me back to what was important for my healing process. For a long time I avoided the pain I was feeling, but with Arianna’s help I was able to face my life with new coping tools – and I am extremely grateful. Thank you.