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Arianna sitting on top of a sofa couch leaning forward with hands clasped

about me


Roots: My mother emigrated from England to Canada when she was four years old; her parents were English and Irish. On my father's side, my great grandparents emigrated from Muldova or the region around Kiev (depends who you ask) and England. I was born in Vancouver and moved with my sister and parents to Merville, Vancouver Island when I was one-year old. I spent my childhood there and teen years in Courtenay.

Passions: I feel passionately about healing and counselling work and provide a warm and welcoming space for my clients. In my philosophy of care I believe you possess strengths and insights unique to you as an individual; my job is to hold space and draw on my tools to help you in the process of your own empowerment. I feel passionate about compassionate and non-judgmental approaches and advocating for human rights.


ExperienceI am a registered clinical counsellor (RCC), hold a BA in Psychology and an MA in Counselling Psychology and have worked in the non-profit sector since my early twenties. I've worked with children, acted as an advocate for human rights, taught mindfulness, trauma-sensitive yoga, and counselled families experiencing effects of domestic violence. Over years my counselling practice has expanded to include individual and spiritually focused sessions and am honoured to work alongside several First Nations communities on Vancouver Island. I've continued my learning and trainings in IFS, cultural safety and relational somatic therapy. I welcome clients of all genders, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds and faiths. 

Personal: Outside of the counselling room I enjoy spending time with my dog Hugo, dear friends and family, my community, spending time in the outdoors, biking, stretching, listening to music and dancing. I am committed to staying engaged with my own healing practices so I am able to show up fully with my clients as they navigate theirs. I grew up within the Comox Valley and acknowledge I am a guest living on the territories of the people called K’ómoks (referring to themselves as Sahtloot, Sasitla, Ieeksun and Puntledge).

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