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Hi, I'm Arianna 

also known as Ari; pronounced air-ee


I believe we all come into this world with unique gifts to share, and I would like to share mine with you. I understand my task is not to help you feel better, it is to help you better be able to feel.

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My Philosophies

I believe we become lost in our human experience and although this “lostness” is an intrinsically human trait, we have also come to lose many of the traditional practices that once lit the path for our existence. With the influences of imperialism and colonization over generations the traditional and ceremonial practices that were once intact in order to guide our souls through this passage have been hidden, lost or eradicated. Souls are left feeling isolated, unsupported and confused. We end up experiencing symptoms of mental/emotional/physical and spiritual illness and traumas and the healing containers that once held us seem to no longer exist. Instead our unhealthy and individually-focused systems offer the solutions of working harder in order to buy more things and offer endless amounts of numbing tools like substances, processed foods and screens. We have been cut off from the natural world and rhythms that once sustained us; we are starving for meaning and are fed the opposite of what can sustain us. Historically in the Western and very male-dominated field of psychology, solutions have been offered to our maladies in the form of treatments held in treatment rooms, held in clinics, and based very much around a one-dimensional medical approach whereby the therapist is the "expert". I reject this approach and also acknowledge my preliminary (and formal) education and experience was formed within it. I know how important it is to understand the system we exist within so we can begin to take agency and make different choices than the limited ones offered to us. This can often begin as an internal process and can sometimes feels revolutionary. More often than not these seemingly small yet mighty revolutionary steps are in the form of self-embodiment and self-love.


I hold strong hope and faith in our ability to rediscover the lost and sometimes forgotten spaces and connections that invigorate our souls. With the skills I hold and offer I endeavour to facilitate this process for others with an understanding each of us are unique in our story, our needs and path in this world. Together we can create a space for you to begin grieving and releasing what no longer serves you so you can step into more of who you are and what you’ve come here to share with this beautiful world. This process will unfold uniquely to you and also be inextricably linked with your relationship to yourself, the natural world and the experiences that light you up.


I understand it is my responsibility to care for myself as I hold healing space for others and consider myself a humble student of life. I engage with practices that both nurture my soul and guide me in teachings and lessons as I continuously learn. Recently I have been tuning into and learning about decolonization, ancestral stories, the sacred work of grief, reconnection to land and somatic practices. My gifts lie in supporting and guiding people in re-discovering what has been lost: connection to self, connection to land, connection to others, connection to community, connection to spirit and an understanding that we are always in relationship to these aspects.

With deep gratitude,




Reach out with any questions or if you have a desire to connect.


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